Jul 27, 2006

Tribute to Bob Marley Costume robbery at the Little Theatre

Theft at the Little Theatre has disrupted a tribute being made to the legendary King of reggae Bob Marley. Yesterday the costumes designed by Catch A Fire's Cedella Marley for the dance Ode were stolen from the Little Theatre. Bridget Spalding, secretary and treasurer of the NDTC, comments "at the back of the studio, the thieves took out the louvres of the window and took nearly all the costumes for the performance entitled the Ode. The designs were from Catch A Fire by Cedella Marley. I don't think the police have even arrived as yet". The choreographer for the piece Clive Thompson confirmed stating, "we're all in shock. The costumes were taken from the NDTC studio, which is right next to the Little Theatre. The thieves reached through the windows and took a large amount of the costumes from Ode and some from another performance. We're in a process of contacting Cedella, to see whether and how soon she can provide the replacements".Full story

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