Jul 22, 2006

War of words lashes Stormfront Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night

Though the feud between dancehall stars Beenie Man and Bounty Killer is nothing new, the name-calling took a turn for the worse when each of the deejays decided to take a jab at the other's mother. Bounty Killer, one of the bigger acts on the Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night, also known as Stormfront, entered the stage at about 3:30 am wearing a black blazer with the words 'cross, angry, miserable' written all over it and black pants. The Killer, after doing a number of tracks, made subtle hints that he was addressing Beenie. icon The Killer didn't mince words during his performance. "My life is like my fingerprint, it unique. all who no follow nobody say bullet, bullet," said Killer, the crowd now excited at the prospect of a 'trace-off'. An energetic performance of Cyan Believe Me Eye would come before the name-calling continued. Bounty, now boosted by the crowd's appreciation of his set, commented that Beenie Man had previously disrespected 'Ms Ivy' (Bounty's mother) and that Beenie's mother is living in a house that leaks. full stories

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