Aug 1, 2006

Tony Matterhorn Dutty Wine Official Video Launch

If you think Tony "Mentally Ill" Matterhorn is was only hyperactive at fully load to ignite a crowd, then you are sadly mistaken. Check out the Official Dutty Wine Video Tony Matterhorn's Dutty Wine is still topping dancehall charts around the world, entering Billboard at #98. Not to mention the dance to match causing multiple broken bones and squabbles over who created it is keeping him in the news. Get Tony Matterhorn - Reggae Gold 2006 Health Warning! If you feel any discomfort while doing the Dutty Wine Please Stop! If you thought Dutty Wine was a one off hit wait till you hear his new track Photobucket - Video and Image HostingGoodas. Whoah! Yea! Lawd! Silver Star interview Tony Matterhorn In a revealing interview, Silver Star got inside the mind of the versatile selector, Mr Dutty Wine himself. Matterhorn on the birth of the Dutty Wine: "I came to Rugby in the UK to play at a dance. This girl and her friend wanted to wine up pon me so I was like 'okay'. When I left I got the arrangement in my head - Mi step up inna the club, dance over dub, the girls wanna wine up pon me."(click here for Dutty wine lyrics) Matterhorn also went deep into the art of clashing... Click here to hear the full interview Read The Jamaica Star for more interviews with Mr Dutty Wine Tony "Mentally ILL" Matterhorn. More addition info check out Matterhorn at my Source: The Jamaica Star, 1XtraBBC

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  1. tony matterhorn is the real MAN