Sep 27, 2006

Beenie Man bashes Baby Cham, Elephant Man, Dave Kelly and Bounty Killer.

In an interview published in the latest issue of the German music magazine - Riddim magazine, Beenie bashes Baby Cham, Elephant Man, Dave Kelly and Bounty Killer. He also addressed a number of controversial issues surrounding him, his music and relationship with other artistes. The magazine article starts out criticizing Beenie's latest album, Undisputed saying it is "not as brilliant as Many Moods Of Moses ", then moved into the first and most obvious question: 'Why was We Set The Trend/Trendsetter not a part of his new album?' In his reply , Beenie said, "Dave Kelly and Baby Cham were a little bit scared about the song, so they sent lawyers up on us - they're cowards." Beenie also suggest that Baby Cham is a liar, saying everything he sang about in Ghetto Story was untrue. Baby Cham is now on tour in Japan and was unable to comment on the interview. However in a previous interview with the Jamaica Star he addressed Beenie Man's Trends and its similarity to Ghetto Story. It quotes Baby Cham as saying: "Him rip off the beat, the melody, the idea, the topic, but at the same time, I know that's him, that's just Moses." Baby Cham also said Beenie Man's decision to "rip off the song" showed laziness on his part. Look for part 2 of this story on September 28, 2006, What Beenie said about Bounty?

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