Sep 28, 2006

Beenie Riddim Interview Part 2

Beenie had some choice words for his greatest rival in music, Bounty Killer. In the interview, Beenie says, "I feel the real reason why Killer is so sad about the thing (between himself and Angel) is because he was with her for ten years and she is with me for like eight months and she's pregnant." But Beenie did not stop there, he continued: "He's (Bounty) a great artiste and he's ugly, too. He's got a rough thing about him, Jamaica like that from the Shabba Rankin' days and the King Stitt days and the Yellowman days. They like ugly people." Bounty Killer, who is overseas, could not be reached. However this could be why Beenie is so upset and is intent on dissing his fellow artistes. In an article published in The New York Times last month, entitled Cham: A Clean-Cut Ambassador for Reggae, a portion referred to Beenie Man and his upcoming album Undisputed - 'an umpteenth crossover attempt' it is called. The article says: "The album focuses on playful sex songs, and it includes the Jamaican hit Hmm Hmm ... But elsewhere Beenie Man sounds a bit flat, as if his frustrating recent years had sapped his usual wit and verve ... Maybe all that makes Cham (formerly Baby Cham) the ideal reggae star for this complicated moment. He's a clean-cut but versatile vocalist, equally capable of unleashing a barrage of threats or delivering a bouquet of lover-man promises," the article said.

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