Sep 9, 2006

Hot Wuk/Fuk the Real Deal

It is a case of which dancehall artist has the better "Hot Wuk"/"Hot Fuk" song'a number of deejays such as the "Teacher" Vybz Kartel, "The NRG god" Elephant Man, Mr Vegas and others are set to jump on the latest craze. The dance is said to be created by the 'No Manners' and 'Excellent' Girls from Galtego Bay. Partyxtraz roaming team visited Dutty Fridaze, Integration Thursdays at UWI Mona, Ruption 2K6, Passa Passa, Dutty Sundays at Waterhouse,and Weddy Weddy Wednesdays to see this new dance. The dance consists of girls assuming the 'backshot' position, twisting their faces, in interesting new shapes, and flashing their fingers as though they are feeling great pain, or pleasure. Some girls at the same time, flashing both their hands in a sideway semaphore of the pain one feels when experiencing something that is hot or when they have gotten something that is to hot for then keep still. Mr Vegas has not only a song but also a video for the dance which premiered on Friday (September 8th) on ER (TVJ). The video features the "No Mannaz Girls" and the "Attitude Girls" and "Angel" the 2006 Dancehall Queen and Latti out of Sherlock Crescent. It was shot on Location in Kingston Jamaica and directed by Jay Will (Game Over). This is the clean mix of the song look out for the unedited version of the video and song coming soon. Mr Vegas "Hot Wuk" ft Hottaball and Opal. More Hot Clips Dutty Fridaze1 Dutty Fridaze2 MYSTERIOUS Is "Dutty Wine" as Hot as "Hot Fuk" ? Share your opinion

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