Oct 15, 2006

Nigel Rojas lead singer of Orange Sky debut Album

Nigel Rojas lead singer of local rock band, Orange Sky, will release his first solo album entitled, “To Whom It May Concern,” next month. This solo effort comes as Orange Sky celebrates their 10-year anniversary as the leading local rock outfit, but don't think for a second that the band is breaking up. Orange Sky has released three albums locally and one internationally under the Granite/Universal Record label. Rojas' album was recorded last year in Atlanta, while the band engaged in a 23-city tour of the US and is described by the popular vocalist as a 10-track LP of "some sunrise/sunset kinda music". "A lot of people might fight me down for this one," he predicted. "It's a kind of vibesy record that won't necessarily appeal to the Iron Maiden crowd. It's not hard, or rock, or reggae, or even the usual Orange Sky vibes; but it's a very honest record and one that I've been dreaming about making for some time now." The first single entitled "The Rent" was released to local radio last month and is doing well on the Top 5 Local Rock Countdown.

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