Oct 30, 2006

Twins Of Twins helps Harvard University

"They are socially connected and they have a way of bringing across the message". That is how Kevin Wallen, director of the SET Programme (for the film) and Berkman Fellow, describe the Twins of Twins The Twins focus will be on areas of religion and politics, and have already been assigned their first task, that of interpreting an interview with past Jamaican Prime Ministers, the Honourable P.J Patterson and Edward Seaga. On being selected the twins had this to say Paul (Tu Lox) says, "It always feel good fi know seh yuh work respected on the local and international level, especially pon a level weh most people neva thought they would see a dancehall entertainer." While Patrick (Curly Lox) also shared in his brother's sentiments. "It feels good to be recognised in this regard from the international community. As you all know, coming from the ghetto and breaking the stigma and stereotype that has been placed on the ghetto for many years, dat a bare dunce come from di ghetto because as you know, they have successfully used our ignorance to oppress us and keep us down, portraying being ignorant as fashionable and cool and being educated, however acquired, academic or self taught, as stupid and nerdy. So we will continue to represent Jamaica and the ghetto to the fullest of our ability," he said. source: islandevents

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  1. I hope they know not to beat around the "Bush"