Oct 25, 2006

Welcome to Jamrock from David Annakie

Jamrock magazine is the latest in a series of high quality glossy music, fashion, lifestyle and travel magazine to be launch. Jamrock magazine is a music and entertainment magazine catering to millions of enthusiasts of all nationalities who enjoy Caribbean life and desire to experience the culture year round. According to acting general manager Dave Rodney, Jamrock hopes to bring exciting new cutting edge trends and ideas to our readers in the Caribbean/American market, which it is targeting. "So while there is a whole range of magazines that target African/ Americans historically, there is really no first-class magazine that's on the shelves nationally that targets Caribbean/Americans," said Rodney who, along with the director of business and legal affairs, was in the island recently. "So the magazine addresses the Caribbean American market and those who embrace the culture, but also it is a portal for advertisers to reach a very powerful, new and exciting and productive market. There are billions of dollars out there in that market. There are so many facets of business out there that touch on the lives of these million of Caribbean Americans," he points out.

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