Nov 12, 2006


Puma, has come under fire from anti-gun campaigners in London over its latest range of shoes which bear the image of a Thompson sub-machine gun. The German company defended the 'Bonnie and Clyde' shoes modelled on the 1967 film about the two American outlaws as a "work of art". Four hundred of the limited edition shoes are to be sold in 10 countries including 24 in the United Kingdom. Walt “Clyde” Frazier was the original trendsetter. With his signature suits, fur coats, flamboyant hats and the PUMA Clyde on his feet, he ruled the New York social scene and established a style that is still emulated today. Playing on Walt Frazier’s rich personality and inspired by the most famous partners in crime, the Bonnie & Clyde is a combination of style and attitude. For a limited time only the classic suede has received a makeover. The Bonnie & Clyde are made of plush, luxurious leather with an aged outsole - a crime for the true suede fans. Both feature a hat on the tongue and Walt Frazier’s signature quote, ‘I steal for a living’ in the sockliner. The heel logo on the Clyde features a classic Tommy Gun and the heel logo on the Bonnie sports her famous pistol. The shoes come in a old fashion canvas money bag, convenient for a quick get-away.

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