Jan 8, 2007

50 Cent having his ass licked

50 Cent was on the Howard Stern Show and admitted to having his ass licked. 50 Cent’s voice raised then slightly jumped around. This was originally spotted at bossipblog. However, I put the audio here so you all can have instant access to listen to the file. It’s quite a treat they talk about sex, and the N-Word. Which is kind of interesting how it all flows together! ALSO, 50 Cent blasted Ludacris for not defending himself when he appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. “What’s her name? Ludacris, he spent his time on the show in a fetal position,” 50 scoffed. 50 has been taking shots at Winfrey for criticizing hip-hop artists and not inviting them to her show. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, he accused Winfrey of “being black on the outside, but white on the inside,” because she only deals with issues affecting middle aged white American women….OH SHIT!!! LISTEN: 50 Cent - I’ve Had My Ass Eaten Out

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