Jan 2, 2007

Beenie man and Mafia House at war

Another "war" is brewing in the dancehall this time it's between Don Mafia and Beenie Man.Don Mafia says the latest feud stems from the fact that Beenie Man went behind his back and registered his company, Mafia House, under his (Beenie's) and D'Angel's name. The feud was further intensified when, it is alleged, and Beenie left a threatening message on Don Mafia's phone. Don Mafia says he started the company last year and Beenie Man registered it this year. Don Mafia, who was once known as Gringo, says he started the company to re-launch his career. Don Mafia also claims he has been writing songs for Beenie Man since 1999 and is yet to receive royalties. Among the songs he claims to have written are: "Straight Prison," "Dis Bad Man," "De - Chakkalize," "Swing It Weh," and "Reverse di Ting." He also says Beenie Man wanted him to take his side against Bounty Killer and other artistes, which he refused to do. Don Mafia reported the matter to the Hunts Bay police, who confirmed that they are investigating the matter.undefined

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