Jan 30, 2007

Jay-Z + Coca Cola = Cherry Coke?

A few weeks back HipHopDX announced Jay-Z’s latest venture. A partnership with GM to compose Jay-Z Blue, a custom color for the Yukon Denali SUV. A new car color, a Superbowl XLI commercial with former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula (promoting Bud Light), and now Jay-Z has moved onto Coca-Cola. Shawn Carter’s Rocawear company will help the soft drink giant relaunch it’s Cherry Coke line of soda. According to Brand Week (an industry trade publication), Jay-Z will help design the can and the television commercials; as well as making an appearance at the re-launch of the Cherry Coke brand on February 7th, during the New York’s Fashion Week. With a marketing launch for Internet, TV, radio, and print starting early February; the new can will feature a cityscape design. Jay-Z will also supply a song to be featured as the commercial’s backdrop. "It's his new opportunity to expand his standing in the business world," Jameel Spencer, CMO, Rocawear told Brand Week. "Besides just recording, he's making TV commercials and campaigns for brands . . .who is better than Coke? They're the biggest...His role is helping brands not get it wrong the way McDonald's did with African Americans rapping about French fries... There's a reassurance that they won't appear like an out-of-touch uncle trying to act cool." What’s next Hov? What’s next?. source:hiphopdx.com

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