Jan 12, 2007

Macy Gray Swears up a Storm at Barbados Jazz Festival

Macy Gray swore 16 times in less than five minutes Wednesday night, during her performance at the 2007 edition of the Barbados Jazz Festival. Not even a triple apology – from producer of the festival Gilbert Rowe, Gray's road manager Tom Winch, and Gray herself – stopped Barbadians from asking yesterday why police did not intervene as they had done in the past when popular dub artistes used profanity, so upset were some patrons with the conduct that immediately after the show Rowe said he was "extremely embarrassed and annoyed that [they] had to be subjected to less than proper behaviour". He noted that had he been there during the episode, he would not have hesitated to remove Gray from the stage. Last night, Commissioner of Police Darwin alluded to the fact that the producer of the show was "fully aware" of the rules, and promised a full investigation. In separate events over the years, police have arrested and charged Bajan comedian Trevor Eastmond and Jamaican dancehall artiste Snow for swearing on stage, and pulled the plug on a show featuring Mad Cobra at the National Stadium, for the same offence. The incident unfolded as Gray, in her introduction to her hit song I Try, called the same swear word approximately 16 times. The first use was met with some laughter, but she stunned many members of the audience as she continued its use well into her performance. Rowe led an after-show Press conference on the matter and made it clear that Gray's management team was apprised of acceptable conduct in Barbados.

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