Feb 11, 2007

Beenie Man Threaten Don Mafia

Don Mafia(left, speaking into the mic), Beenie Man(right)Don Mafia, whose real name is Carl Udah, says the latest feud stems from the fact that Beenie Man went behind his back and registered his company, Mafia House, under his (Beenie's) and D'Angel's name and that Beenie Man has trying to under mind his career. The feud was further intensified when, it is alleged, Beenie left a threatening message on Don Mafia's phone. Partyxtraz.com believes that The Don has something to worry about after listening the message with what sounded like Beenie Man's voice saying: "Mafia mek mi tell yuh dis, zeen. You and yuh friend dem wha yuh siddung and a chat and a chat bad man, den uno nuh know who is bad man? A mafia ting me say uno. You a nuh artiste, yuh a mi friend. Mi nuh beat artiste, but mi friend, mi kill dem. From yuh betray mi - dead. So try memba dat b—claat. So be careful of di way yuh walk and talk and di way yuh live. Me a go call and tell ( name deleted) and tell dem who you is. You a di biggest pu**y." (audio file below) Don Mafia who appeared on the popular CVM programme On Stage dress in his trademark felt hat and tailored suite has since added a bullet proof vest to his attire after that phone call. Don Mafia, revealed that has been ghost writing for Beenie Man since 1999 with out any publishing right or royalties for his songs. During which time he wrote hits including “Straight Prison”, “Dis Bad Man”, “De – Chakkalize”, “Swing It Weh”, “She don't need a toy friend”,“Product of the Ghetto”,“Dreaming of You” feat. Alaine, “Reverse di Ting”, “One Bag a Lie” hit which served as a strong, stirring proclamation of Beenie Man’s innocence in the wake of rumours that he had been somehow involved in the death of Dance hall icon Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy. When ask why he did it he said "beenie was him friend and mi dj". Since parting from Beenie Man, Don Mafia has been working with Rebel T management and has recorded a single on their latest rhythm, ‘Crush Ice’. The ‘Death Threat’ single has been creating a lot of buzz because of its controversial lyrical content. Clock the lyrics: Tell me say dem cold Tell dem say me frozer Say dem a run the place See say dem a poser Who sell apartment fi buy Range Rover? Coulda chat till you blue, yu nuh rich like…. Listen audio: Death Threat feat. Beenie man on the phone The single appears on Father Dozer’s Rebel T label. Other Don Mafia songs in rotation are ‘Welcome to the Mafia World’ which has an accompanying video (see video/audio page). source:one876entertainment, Jamaica Star, BBC Xtra

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