Feb 7, 2007

Billboard Producer Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell calls Aidonia a fraud

Billboard topping producer Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell, who first introduced Aidonia to a mainstream dancehall audience says “Aidonia have the badman image but him is not a real ghetto yute, him play football fi him church, him used to go Meadowbrook High school, him no face no hardship, him have the bad man image but him a the biggest baby, him no know nothing ‘bout badness or garrison living". Shatta also suggested that the men in Aidonia camp tied the artiste with food as he went on to say that “Him(Aidonia) need fi mek the man dem round him stop wear up him poop-inna clothes and cook fi him and tie him. If him mek dem stop wear him jeans, den the tieness will wear, right now dem tie him so him no have a mind of his own.” Burrell dismiss allegations that he was attempting to stop Aidonia’s career . Shatta made the point that it would be a waste of money to try and kill Aidonia career as he spent money to build his career, so why would he would waste more money fi kill him? Is Shatta saying that it was a waste of money to introduce Aidonia to the dancehall? Shatta respond to aidonia diss tracks saying “The first one at Sting offended me, but mi realize say me bigga than Idonia, him is a deejay, I am a producer, mi count more cheddar than a bank clerk, him caan tek nothing weh mi own so frustration ah kill him when him realize say no matter how successful he gets, ah me responsible for that.” ”So when when he kept calling up my name, I realized that him not learning, so mek him keep doing his BS until him realize say it nah help me or him, it only a slow him down. Him is the only artiste mi know with 100 per cent street credibility and don’t know what to do with it…him no know how to achieve success,” Do you think Aidonia is a fraud? source:one876entertainment

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