Feb 26, 2007

In Three Entertainment presents THE BLOCK PARTY,

In Three Entertainment presents THE BLOCK PARTY, the premiere ultra drinks inclusive party of the spring break season. Expect to be engrossed by the remarkable disc jocking skills provided by the young, upcoming chromatic sound, followed by, veterans zip jock liquid and chrome. "Complete Catering", provided by the same people at the infamous Frenchmen parties will provide bartending services. Dominoes Pizza will be sold for all those who work up an appetite and Haagen Dazs ice cream will be served free of cost for desert. The admission for this event is a measly $1200 pre-sold at: Xtraz Manor Park and Mall Plaza, Esso Tigermart Liguanea and Kabana, and $1500 at the gate. Parking will be available at Superplus and Cybermedia( in the same area. Don't Forget ladies two for one before 11:30pm

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  1. dis party look like it goin to b crazy...i hearin nuff bout dis from ppl. di flyer dem goin roun like madness so nuff ppl talkin bout it.. an the venue alone attractin me..never see a party keep at kabana..it mus sell weh! ..boom

  2. The Bloock seem like it go be the place to be.

  3. yooow...di flyer look crass. and nutting else going on dat nite dat look better dan this. so it seems like is it a dweet!