Feb 2, 2007

Is Bounty Killa a religion ?

Bounty Killer released a single called ‘Caan Dis Ground God’ making reference that he is a "Gad innna dis" does this mean that he is a religion and who are his worshippers? Michael Lunan of Solid Agency, explained “The concept of Grung Gadd is that all men are gods,and women are goddesses of the earth because we are children of God and He created man in his image and likeness, so we can govern things on earth,” . “A person can be a god, that is the greatest in their particular field, but that is not to mean they are God, with a capital G, who is God of all things who create heaven and earth. We are images of God, so we are gods but not The God.When Bounty Killer says he is a Ground god, but that he is not The God,he means he is the best in his art form just like how like Pele ah the god of football, or other people might be the greatest in a particular activity.” "Bounty Killer proclaims that he does not study any religion. Instead he praises the Almighty, the creator and ruler over all things on earth. He does not regard the father as God or Jah but simply the Almighty, God over all things. In his opinion, religion is just the way you live. For instance he feels that cutting or plaiting his hair is his religion and since everyone has a religion they should not have a problem with the religion of another. Also, he feels that if one claims that he is pure and righteous then he is put here by the Almighty to show the unrighteous the way. He does not appreciate how some may regard themselves as a Rastafarian and then firburns another. The Almighty healed the sick and made the blind see and did not rejoice when He saw a blind or cripple person, instead He assisted him so a righteous person should do the same. He feels that those who are fireburning people may get a dose of their own medicine, because whatsoever you plant you shall also reap" (http://www.dancehallreggae.com/bounty.html).
Is Bounty outta control ?

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