Feb 11, 2007

Lady Saw Striptease but Beenie Man say no to Spice

Lady Saw will be at Striptease this weekend but Beenie Man has said he wont be performing at Striptease if follow dance hall artist Spice performs at the show. Spice was billed to be the guest artiste was axed by promoters as a result of Beenie's demands. Beenie stated that his request was based on the "the lies what Spice was spreading bout him" and not because Spice street hit "One Gyal Mash Up Dem Head".(see video/audio page to see Spice ER interview). Beenie Man and Spice are booked to perform at the "Follow the Arrow" stage show but Beenie has indicated that he will not be performing at the event. Lady Saw last album.... Lady Saw will be releasing her ninth and last album with VP Records in April titled "Walk Out" with the first single being "No Less Than A Woman" after this album we don't know whats Lady Saw's plans are but see her in action at Striptease at UTECH this Saturday, February 17, 2007.

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