Mar 28, 2007

Lil Wayne shows Baby his Love

THis lyrical gifts aren’t for the weak of mind…and Lil Weezy strikes (and puckers up) to the mic again with “yeah, i kissed my daddy,” on this latest freestyle on DJ Khaled’s record…let’s hope this doesn’t continue the ripple effect of ridiculous homophobic haters. then again, who really cares what they say? Lil Wayne has skills that transcend the “controversy.” period. and is it really THAT deep? so, He and baby kiss. like the saying goes, it is what it is? and it is apparently a southern symbol of respect and admiration and love? and just another layer to peel back and discover on this complex dude, who’s become one of THE most exciting faces in today’s hit-driven hip hop world ?

Here’s an alternative weezy track that shoulda been bigger than it was….featuring talented soulslingin from he who is (Robin) THICKE…

and check the latest audio track by Diddy featuring Wayne and roaming round the cyberwaves.

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