Mar 18, 2007


Pulse Investments Limited, organisers of the Rock The World fashion, beauty and concert series, has imposed a penalty on DJ Spragga Benz following an expletive-laced set, replete with explicit sexual references, during Wednesday night's opening show in the series. The show also featured Richie Spice, Ninja Man, Beenie Man and Shaggy. In a release, the promoter said it wishes to "categorically express its disapproval of the use of profane and offensive language by popular entertainer Spragga Benz, at Wednesday's opening night of the event, held at the One Love Jamaica Village, New Kingston. Further, Pulse wishes to apologise to the members of the public in attendance, as well as the sponsors of the event, for what it considers to be inappropriate behaviour at an event billed as the 'best of the best' of Jamaica's talent, creativity and entertainment". Interestingly, all the performers indicated to their fans during their performances, in different ways, that they were under constraints from Pulse to conduct themselves appropriately. The agency said it was withholding 25 per cent of Spragga Benz's performance fee, "as a first sanction" as his action was in breach of the profanity clause in his contract. The clause, as stated in the release, reads: 'Artiste will not use expletives, profane or indecent language as defined by Jamaican law during performance. Artiste recognises that the use of such language or other indecent behaviour will cause damage, loss or harm to the PURCHASER (Pulse) and agrees to compensate PURCHASER accordingly. The 50 per cent balance of the ARTISTE fee will be paid immediately after ARTISTE performance on condition that the ARTISTE complies with the terms of this agreement.' Pulse CEO Kingsley Cooper, said that while it recognises artiste's right to freedom of speech and creative expression, it believes there is an obligation on the part of artistes at public events to act in a manner that is lawful and otherwise appropriate. The agency chief also issued a reminder to artistes on the remaining shows that it will enforce its agreements so as to ensure that events are both entertaining and in good taste. source:partyspree

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