Mar 24, 2007

The Silent Auction That Nobody Cared About

Monica and Shaq O’Neal held an event that at The Compound Tuesday, March, 20th. It was a celebrity silent auction to benefit some damn celebrity cause to assist with the helpless, homeless, autistic, bald, HIV, child abandonment, feed an African, save a refugee, donate some blood, and give a spleen (you get the idea). As humanitarian as their efforts were, it seemed to be the event that nobody cared about much less showed up for. I for damn sure wasn’t interested in going. In these troubled times Monica is much like a 42 year old single and desperate woman: willing to take any attention she can get. All that hoopla with Roc and the alleged beat down did nothing to boost interest in her new single "Sideline Ho". Anyway, so the next day I wake up and get these two pictures from my dude Keith over at the AJC. And from what I heard it was as boring as watching wet paint dry.

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