Mar 30, 2007


Wayne Marshall decide not to go to D’Angel’s party. Is he really afraid of what The Alliance members might say? So why did he tell D’Angel he was coming in the first place if he had a previous engagement? How all of a sudden he is talking about a show in Antigua, how that drop in? Confidential sources suggested that the Marshall may have received an Alliance memo with just one word on it when the poster began to pop up all over town. Wanna guess what is said? One word. BULLET!!!!!!


  1. r u afraid of the alliance do not watch any face do ur thing and do not be afraid do what u think is best for u donot be afraid of(BULLET)they can only talk off their mouth tell to f.... off.

  2. everbless MitchellMarch 20, 2012

    Tami Chin and Wange Marshall look gud 2gether and him love her yuh nuh hear weh di man sing"a just mi gud hole wife, him coming home to her every nite lol! some gal fi gwaan and leave di people them MAN! and some nah leave them guddddd upppp! woman fi no zebra gal! dwl lol and all GUD LADIES WHO LOVE THEM MAN "BIG UP"