Apr 22, 2007

Beenie man talks about the DAngel

Beenie Man spoke his mind about the DÁngel incident at Dutty Fridaz and went on to say that Dángel gonna a farin and him a go meet her today because they are booked to perform tonight......Thats good.. people they are celebrities and couples must have disagreement......Chooo is suh life go because if yuh not special and popular the media and fans wont make a big issue over simple things si mi..... Beenie Man big up yuhself my youth ..yuh a mi doops.. yuh a star.......Yuh are a living legend si mi..... Yuh new song "Back It Up"..is a sure numba one.....Big tune mi youth... reported by Celebrityvibes.blogspot.com.

Sources close to the Killer said that the whole episode serves Beenie right because ‘him wrong fi go tek up a badman woman…'. However, reliable information indicated that the argument stemmed from D’Angel’s flossing lifestyle. Beenie says that he don’t want a part-time mother and a full-time nanny, he wants a full-time mother and a part-time nanny. D’Angel is also concerned about the ‘bitches blowing up his phone all the time’ even on her birthday a few weeks ago. sources:Celebrityvibes, one876entertainment

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  1. yeh, mi nuh know why everybody inna di ppl dem business... a gwan like seh they're not human and have relationship squabbles like everybody else... Bounti need fi shut him mouth right, too much a him now. People need fi let dem 2 deh fi have dem owna life and come outta dem passa passa... too much story a circulate bout dis, leave di married ppl dem!!!