Apr 26, 2007

Etana a soulful singer/songwriter

Etana has been hailed as one of the burgeoning new and sensational sounds in the roots Reggae era. That she is a young woman, a small one at that, in a largely male-dominated industry is even more surprising. Etana has been described as a rarity- a spirited and soulful singer/songwriter. Etana describes her brand of music as Reggae Soul: "It is straight from the heart, straight from the soul, straight from the people and everyday life".

To catch her in performance is to experience an intriguing mix of the sultry and the meditative- her body sways and dances as her voice soars and her musical testimonies are as edifying as they are captivating. Below is a list of her upcoming performances: April 28 Western Consciousness, Jamaica May 27 Best of the Best - Bicentennial Park, Miami June 3 Westchester Reggae Festival - New York June 9 TEMPO - St. Croix August 9-12 Uppsala Reggae Festival - France source:islandevents

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