Apr 25, 2007

Little Richie of Swatch International Sound System FIRED!!!!

Little Richie of Swatch International Sound System ( The system that plays exclusively at Passa Passa)...FIRED!!!! is this fact or fiction? Little Richie has been booking personal dates and he is signed exclusively to Swatch International... so the boss said no way and give him his walking papers.... Little Richie said almost the same thing when ask about the story. It is confirmed Little Richie is no longer a member of the Swatch Crew.

. source:celebrityvibes.blogspot


  1. little richie big a than swatch swatch sound pap down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    Di man come a london come fuck up A-CLASS SUNDAY that is on the south side of london in the VOGUE NITE CLUB. A-CLASS SUNDAY is a every sunday rave that is promoted by bigg tone and chack (di portmore promoter).little richie had the party hype up ina hi hands and the ladies just couldnt get enough of them hot tunes he was spinning, keep on doing yuh ting an nuh watch wa wah seh.