Apr 26, 2007

'Do or Dare for Ms Triniti

Ms. Triniti has dropped her newest set 'Do or Dare.' The young beauty whose father is Trinidadian is setting things off with an eclectic blend of dancehall, reggae, hip hop and R&B.

The album features a variety of slow love songs and upbeat club riddims, one such song is the single “Bongce Along” featuring E. Dee. Ms. Triniti deejays as well as sings alongside E. Dee who has a very dancehall- type flair. “No Stoppin' Wi” and “Selecktah” has a pop dancehall flair. The pace slows down when you reach “Ain't No Question” which has a definite soul feel, as she talks about her love.

The themes of the majority of her songs strive on being a club-type mix, talking about partying, being in the 'mood' and other sexual themes. The only issue looked at in depth is on the track “When It All Falls Down,” where she talks to the British Government, her native officials.

“Do or Dare” also integrates two popular classics “Been Around The World” and “When It All Falls Down.” In the case of “When It All Falls Down,” the original sounds much better, the remix has a gospel sound that is far away from its R&B roots. There are also two bonus tracks that are very pop/dancehall and have a good club vibe.


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