Apr 10, 2007

Richie Spice Apologizes

Richie Spice would like to apologize to the Trinidadian people for his non-performance on Saturday April 7th at the Hasley Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain, Trinidad. His absence from the scheduled performance was due to bad management on the part of the promoters. The concert entitled “Best of Both Worlds” came to a abrupt end after party-goers became agitated when they realised that the show was nearing closing time (5 am) and none of the three featured Jamaican artistes had taken the stage. Party-goers, police said, began to hurl abusive language and began pelting bottles on the stage, which eventually brought down the curtains to the show.

Police said that the crowd became very unruly to a point that they had to fire warning shots in the air and throw cannisters of tear gas among patrons for them to disperse. Police said however that there were no reports of injuries. It was advertised that highlight performances would have been given by Richell Bonner, 36, aka Richie Spice, O’Neil Bryant, 32, aka Elephant Man also known as The Energy God and Reanno Gordon aka Busy Signal, along with several local Trinidaian reggae artistes. All Jamaican dancehall artistes were in the country and had failed to show at the concert because of an alleged breach in the payment contract with the concert promoter — Red Lotus Entertainment. However, an official of Red Lotus Entertainment, when contacted yesterday, denied that the artistes failed to show because of a payment problem. “That is not true, those had to be rumours,” the official said. He then gave an explanation, “There was a delay in the artistes’ arrival and because of this the crowd became impatient and unruly. The artistes were then informed by band members about the crowd’s behaviour and they were the ones who decided not to show because of what was happening.” “Fifth Element Management and Richie Spice promises to be back in the Trinidad at a later date providing that the next time around they will be dealing with professional and legitimate promoters." Commented Devon Wheatley, CEO of Fifth Element Records. . I was revealed that a Jamaican artiste can be booked and paid between US$8,000 to US$15,000 to perform Trinidad.

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