Apr 19, 2007

War in Beenie man's Kingdom

There was a fight of sorts, there was a ruckus upstairs, things were broken and yes, there was blood, the deejay leave here a bleed from him hand, is like a plate she throw mussi cut him or something, is just a little domestic friction, no police not even call in or anything”. That is how confidential sources close to Beenie man and D'Angel describe the events which took place at the Dancehall King's Apartment. Other checks revealed that a physician called ‘Dr. F’ tended to the couple but we were told that the good doctor refused to confirm or deny the rumour.

Indeed, there had been no police report of the altercation up to the time when this report was published. Other media outlets such as ZIP FM have picked up on this story. source:one876entertainment


  1. a long tome beenie fi wise up and give her two kick.....him fi man up...a waht tek unnu.....every oman a jamaica get a one box sometime.....a so relationship last....

  2. Alliance fi lifeApril 19, 2007

    dont know what he was thinking....

    but check this..i bet we not gona see grinda foe the next few days

    after he was bashing bounty for the baby mother incident

    i mean you would think that angel panty washer would have an inside scoop on things that angel was getting box and kick...but then again she's (grinda) only a cleaner..she cant be too inteligent

  3. D'Angel a man beater

  4. she neva beat him as a matter of fact mi hear seh him vex and tump di flatscreen in the house. She inna di hype and nah mine him pickney dat cyan work. nonetheless a fi dem business still yuh zee me!!!