May 15, 2007

Beanie Sigel says 'Dash's Intentions Weren't Sincere'

Beanie Sigel indicated Dame 'Dash's Intentions Weren't Sincere' During the split of Roc-A-Fella all artists on the label were given the option to either stay with Roc-A-Fella or sign with another company. While Sigel - real name Dwight Grant - ultimately chose to stay, he was regularly seen together with Dash, prompting rumors he had settled a deal with the Damon Dash Music Group.

Sigel denies this was the case and blames Dash for using him as a PR stunt to raise the profile of his own label. He tells MTV, "I don't know what his intentions were, but in all honesty, nah (his intentions were not pure).

"A lot of people thought I was leaning toward Dame Dash Music Group - they seeing Dame in the videos we shooting and him coming to court and coming to jail to see me. It was like, 'OK, Dame is riding with him.' That was never the case with me. A lot of people look at it like Dame did this, that and third, that should have been my obligation. But for what? If you doing that, you doing it from the heart.

"You don't want to question your friend, or who you thought was your friend. Their loyalty and sincerity towards you, you don't want to question that. As time went on, I did things to bring stuff out to light, and I was finding out a lot of stuff that wasn't right.

"I'm no dummy, I'm no fool. I seen through all that. I was letting that weigh out. There's a song by Bill Withers: 'Use Me." (Starpulse News)


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