May 20, 2007

Destra Garcia says "ho's" and "bitches" is "unacceptable"

Destra Garcia is among those weighing in on the campaign to clean up Hip Hop lyrics. Garcia says Hip Hop lyrics that refer to women as "ho's" and "bitches" is "unacceptable" and the constant stream of expletives and degrading terms should be eliminated.

Garcia added, "Most of the time songs like that are written and performed by men and they need to remember that they have sisters, wives, daughters and mothers and they would not like people to call either of these people 'bitches,' 'hoes' or whatever. So these people should have a universal tolerance to other women and try not to send that kind of message," said Garcia.

Garcia's comments come as the National Action Network begins its campaign to target record labels to set standards in Hip Hop music where rappers are banned from using the terms. Destra says that besides being degraded in music lyrics and videos, women are fervently pressured to conform to a certain look in order to be accepted and in order to compete in the music industry.

Irrespective of these limitations, the Diva, whose name has become synonymous with Soca music says that women should respect themselves and in turn that respect will reciprocate. "While artist should have a universal tolerance of women, at the same time ladies should always remember that they need to respect themselves first or nobody is going to respect us," she said.


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