May 3, 2007

Mastamind Productions:" The Missing Files.”

Mastamind Productions and its label ‘Faluma Records,’ have released their first all digital album. The album is titled “Mastamind Productions: The Missing Files” and offers 16 tracks, which were released from June 2006 to February 2007.It features artistes such as Tallpree, Leon Coldero, Lyrikal, Squeely Dan, Nadia Batson, Adrian Dutchin, Ms. Alysha, Daria (impack 2), Shaft, Mel, Chantwell, De Postman, Third Bass, and Kevon Carter.

And just so you know, Mastamind Productions’ are now available for download on, itunes, rhapsody music, napster,,,,, and a host of others.


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