May 7, 2007

Nas and Kelis Treated Like Terrorists @ House of Blues

TNas cancelled a recent "Hip-Hop Is Dead" tour date in San Diego, CA amidst claims that he and wife Kelis encountered "racist" club employees, who treated them like "terrorists."

San Diego's Z-90.3 night radio host Tre interviewed the Queens-bred rapper and Nas expressed his grievance with the House of Blues on Wednesday night (May 2), the evening the show was to occur.

"We came to the club, all excited. Couldn't wait to get here. [The tour venues] have been sold out every night. The energy from everybody has been crazy. Every time I come to San Diego, the energy's crazy. [We] go to the the venue and they ain't let me in. I was outside with my wife and they treated us like terrorists," Nas said. "It was a little racist and we just don't tolerate that. I just want everybody to know, don't tolerate any form of racism."

Nas explained that he and his entourage didn't respond in a way that could have permitted the situation to escalate into violence.

"We deal with racists in a way that they are supposed to get dealt with. We dealt with it in a manner of respect when they should have been disrespected. We just left it alone, you know?" Nas said. "It was just a real nasty, racist situation."

At press time, the San Diego House of Blues wasn't available for comment.

"There is no other side of the story. We were treated like terrorist. We had a whole bunch of security guys rush outside to me and my wife like we were terrorists. Its not like I came with 50 guys or nothing. It was just me, my wife, my DJ and my staff for the 'Hip-Hop Is Dead" tour and they came at us like we was Osama Bin Laden or somebody," Nas lamented on air.

Nas admitted that this instance with the House of Blues might have been an aberration from the norm, based on past experience.

"That's a good club. I've played that club twice. I love that club. It must be new management or something," he said. "I said, 'Do you treat Bon Jovi like this?' They said, 'No.'"

Morally, Nas said that he simply couldn't stay, even though the concert was sold out and fans were disappointed.

"Anybody that tolerates [racism] is a sucker in my book," Nas concluded. "All of that gotta stop."

Nas promised to return to San Diego, but at a different, larger venue.

San Diego was the last tour date listed on Nas' highly successful Hip-Hop Is Dead tour.


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