May 14, 2007

Tami Chin pregnant for Wayne Marshall Yes or No ?

Tami Chin’s new video hit screens islandwide two weeks ago, and ever since there had been a lot of talk about her fuller hips, and rounder gluteus maximus, to the point where pregnancy rumours began making the rounds. The pregnancy question was made even more juicy with everyone speculating that her new beau, singer Wayne Marshall, may actually have been the ’baby daddy’.

Conroy Ford, one of Tami’s producer and former beau of Tami Chin, said “She’s definitely not pregnant, she’s focussed, and not thinking about it at this time”. Ford had been dating Tami for several years before they had an ‘amicable parting of ways’ last year and he still oversees production of some of her singles. “Right now, she is doing work with Akon, and working on her second album. The first Universal album, ‘Out of Many, One’ sold over 80,000 copies in Japan, but was not released in States,” Mr. Ford said. Tami’s new singles include ‘Over and Over’ and she has new single on a one-drop rhythm from Big Ship, as well as a single on the new Renaissance production. source: Technorati Cosmos: related links

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  1. why would she want to do that now when everything is going good for her career that would be a dumb ass move tami
    if u two have going on u guys can wait little bit
    and tami i think ur really hot i wish i had u for my self