Jun 13, 2007

Capleton talks his mind about Bob Marley, and life on tour

Fresh off a number of East-Coast shows and a six-week tour of Europe, Capeton in a interview with The Detroit Free Press revealed his views about Jamaica, Bob Marley,and Reggae music. Here are some of the questions put to the artist by Erin Podolsky of The Detroit Free Press:
QUESTION: How are audiences in Europe different from those in America? ANSWER: In Europe it's definitely different. The people of Europe love the music. They cherish it. They give off a different kind of energy. It's unbelievable. You have to really see it for yourself. Even though they speak different languages, they sing the songs word for word. I went to some places there like Israel, Czech Republic, Serbia, Reunion Island. I've been to France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland. People in Europe love music like food. The American people love it differently. Q: What about in Jamaica? A: There's nowhere like home. That's where the music was born. People definitely give their heart and their soul. There's a certain energy and attitude. There's nowhere like home. Q: You played the Bob Marley birthday concert "Get Up Stand Up" in honor of his 62nd birthday in February. Is that something you do every year? A: Yeah, yeah. For real, for real. The Marley brothers - it was wicked. We create a good energy together. The Marleys love my vibe. They always let me rock it. They always try to let me be a part of something whenever something is going on. Q: You yourself turned 40 not long ago, right? A: April 13! Actually I spent my birthday onstage. I performed somewhere in France. At the performance, "Salud! Salud!" you know what I mean? But it was good, it was nice. It was a nice energy, a nice vibe, the people were loving it. They knew. At my hotel it was on the notice board. And at the venue there was a big board there as well, so they knew. Q: On top of that you've been doing this now for twenty years - do you ever think about retiring? A: Music is life. Music alone tells you when to retire. I don't know about retiring. I'll just keep the word going, I'll just keep message going, keep the vibe going, keep the fans informed. Because it's all about the message, it's all about uplifting our humanity, you know what I mean? All about salvation and redemption. All about equalizing justice for all people. I will just keep the fire burning. I'll never sleep and I'll never stop.
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