Jun 6, 2007

Jay-Z on the . cover of Vanity Fair

Jay-Z, Muhammad Ali, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, Maya Angelou, Barack Obama and a slew of other important people were photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the cover of Vanity Fair’s special Africa issue, which is guest-edited by Bono.

For this special issue, Graydon Carter, Bono, and Annie Leibovitz collaborated on the unprecedented set of 20 covers to show a prominent group of people having a "conversation" about Africa.

"It's a visual chain letter," says Leibovitz, "spreading the message from person to person to person." Among them: a supermodel who fled Somalia with her family 37 years ago, a senator whose grandfather and father are buried in Africa, an actor who makes an annual return to a tiny village in Benin to see his family, a music superstar who adopted a child from Malawi, a former boxing champion who visited Ghana when no American sports figure had gone there before. And more—including a poet, an archbishop, a queen, a president, a rapper, a comedian, a talk-show host, and billionaire philanthropists.


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