Jun 21, 2007

Jim Jones Comments on Feud with Cam’ron

Tn a recent video interview with MTV Raw, Jim Jones speaks on his feud with Cam’ron and the future of The Diplomats. The tension between Capo and Killa originated when Jimmy revealed to Hot 97’s gossip queen, Miss Info, that Dipset was “putting Cam’ron on punishment” after his alleged incident with Tru Life outside of Club Stereo. Since then, fans have wondered what the future held for Dipset now that the crew’s two bosses were beefing. “Let’s just say, brothers fight, mothers and sons fight, husband and wife fight, there’s some family things going on, ya dig,” Jones told MTV Raw.

“It’s still Dipset by all means, don’t nobody get that twisted. We entitled to feud.” When questioned whether the beef was finally over with Cam, Jimmy said, “Everything is fine, everything is straight. As far as what me and Cam got going on, that’s a little bit more personal than anything. That doesn’t reflect on our movement, doesn’t reflect on our business. Business is always business, at the end of the day. If we want to keep this boat floatin’, want to keep it like that, one of us gonna have to jump off ship, ‘cause it’s gonna float, baby.”


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