Jun 11, 2007

LL COOL J has axed RedStripe Reggae Sumfest

Rap superstar LL COOL J has axed his summer tour, citing a mystery family problem. The announcement was made by organisers of the 15th Annual Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, Jamaica, due to take place in July (07). The hip-hop star was booked to perform at the event, but has cancelled the date - and told organisers he has scrapped all his summer commitments.A festival spokesperson said in a statement, "We have just been advised by LL Cool J's management that due to a family problem, LL Cool J has been forced to cancel all his summer dates and hence he will not be performing at Sumfest."

Representatives for LL Cool J have yet to confirm the reports, according to AllHipHop.com. Technorati Cosmos: related links

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