Jun 17, 2007

R.T.I - Red Stripe Temptation Isle Part 1

The Red Weekend Quad Party on July 31st will pave the way for the red hot Independence Weekend parties August 3 to 6 in Negril. Absolute Entertainment Temptation Isle, which is now in its 6th year, has partnered with the mega Jamaican brand to offer an incredible summer package like no other. The weekend has been renamed ‘The Red Temptation Isle - RTI’ and will feature extreme VIP parties for all.

Things kick off with Tempted on August 3rd, and then move right into the Temptation Live parties at the Jungle night club each night of the holiday period. These parties will showcase music from some of the hottest and hippest entertainers and DJ’s from Miami, Jamaica, New York and Trinidad. Other parties for the weekend will include Daydreams, Stages, Jokers Wild Colours, Xtatiq Pretty in Pink, Wild Sides and Fusion. Five Star Entertainment’s HouseSexy will take centre stage on August 10. Partygoers are anxiously awaiting the event which got rave reviews for its Miami edition on the Memorial Day weekend. Other highly anticipated events are Red Stripe Light Beach Futbol and Renaissance’s Birthday Bash on August 11 which will bring the Red Stripe Red Summer to a grand close. With all the premier events and offerings, Red Stripe’s Red Summer is poised to be a memorable one and patrons can look forward to seeing what good things the Great Jamaican beer has in store for next year. source


  1. AnonymousJuly 08, 2008

    RTI is a not to miss event i will be 4 years old out of the 6 that they have been around and i have no intention of not attending for the years to come, wish i could make up for the two years i missed..lol

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