Jun 12, 2007

Supermodel Jaunel McKenzie in Catfight

Jaunel McKenzie and another Pulse model, Dahlia, the wife of top male model Orane Barrett, added intrigue to the Caribbean Fashion Week activities at the National Indoor Sports last weekend. According to reports, there were two altercations, one on Saturday night and on Sunday night. The following reenactment is based on reports by bystanders, fellow models, but unfortunately no pugilistic experts. There are two versions of the fight.
Version One
Dahlia and Jaunel were in a line going onstage when Jaunel pushed Dahlia in the back. “Jaunel has a crush on Orane from long time, and she and Dahlia had a beef from overseas, so when they were in a line when Jaunel pushed Dahlia in the back. When they got offstage, Dahlia said to her ‘if you do that again, I will smack you in the face’, and Jaunel shouted: ‘what you going to do, you bitch?’ so Dahlia slapped her in her face,” according to one model present on the when the altercation took place.

Version Two
Dahlia mistakenly donned a designer outfit that Jaunel was supposed to worn on the catwalk. “Januel was very upset and told her to take it off, and the girl who is from the UK, just slapped Jaunel in her face, and people parted them. The girl doesn’t like Jaunel and Nadine and the rest of them because she say dem always a gwaan hype a way,” one ‘model’ eyewitness said. The sequel to the model face off continued the following night and this confrontation was more public as it began in the stands of the venue. Onlookers stated that “After the show, Jaunel came up and attacked the girl in the stands. Orane came up to defend his wife and said ‘yu caan fight har’ and people were there trying to part them, but no blows never really throw between the girls,” . Eyewitnesses allege that as catfights go, the McKenzie-Barrett feud was quite boring as there was no scratching, hair pulling, spanking, breast mauling, or clothes stripping, or anything you might associate with a good old-fashioned catfight. Technorati Cosmos: related links

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