Jun 27, 2007

Timeless Records - Moving on time

Things are on the go at Timeless Records since the merger of Capital T and Daddy Fras. Ever since the creative partnership, Daddy Fras decided to give Capital T the keys to the directing of the production label, giving him more time to orchestrate and coordinate things on an executive level. Only one month and already there has been tremendous results and dramatic changes taking everything up a serious notch.

“Timeless has now taken on a new direction – myself and Daddy Fras have conversed in great depths on the agenda for the next three years and I can say with great confidence that I’m very much looking forward to take on the mission and set out what we’ve plan to achieve,” Capital T informed. Capital T and Fras got down to the business of setting their priorities straight and that meant reshuffling the artistes’ roster and doing some re-evaluation.

Next was to build a Timeless production studio so the work rate could be kept steady and for the sound to stay consistent. Following that, they established the direction and sound of the label in order for it to stand out against the rest. Unbelievably, these objectives and more were achieved and saw some new productions ranging from hip-hop/ragga for Shifta (who is away studying) to dancehall for Syck ‘N’ Head, to cultural/one drop for Prestige.

Capital T has been getting busy with cooking up some serious productions. At the same time, there is a Timeless dancehall album in the making with tracks already discretely bleeding into the streets. “This is only just the beginning – It’s not even warm yet! The great thing about this opportunity we have created in this merger is that the level of perception and respect is mutual which is very rare to find. “I would like to take this opportunity to respectfully thank Daddy Fras for his efforts,business ethics and standards as an individual that he has afforded to make this work,” Capital T praised. With three new releases on the go, two videos on the drawing board, and two albums in full production mode,it’s only a matter of time before music lovers hear a steady and consistent flow of top quality material being released on the Timeless label. The one to look out for right now (who Capital T considers to be an international A1 level artiste) is none other than Prestige. On the Ganja riddim, the first one built by Capital T since the merger,features Prestige with the single ‘We Nuh Trust Dem’,which is getting some good rotation right now.

The other focus of the month is the ongoing issue with dancers Syck ‘N’ Head and Doctor Bird. Resulting from this, Timeless dancer Syck ‘N’ Head asked Capital T to build a special riddim track to address the matter with Dr. Bird. Capital T built a killer dancing riddim for Syck ‘N’Head titled No Re-Entry named after the dance in question. When it was unleashed at Dutty Fridayz it brought the house down, receiving numerous forwards.

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