Jul 25, 2007

Beenie Man Cheating on D'Angel? is the marriage over?

Rumors surface that Beenie Man is cheating on D’Angel with up coming Barbee, real name, Faith Jackson. The rumours intensified during Reggae Sumfest on Saturday night when Beenie man was seen getting rather personal with new singer. It would not have been a pleasant sight for his wife, D'Angel, who spent the weekend at home taking care of their son Marco-Dean. One876Entertainment.com quoted sources as saying "Dem deh round each other the whole night Saturday and look like dem was a couple," the source said. "mi see dem all ah cuddle and whisper innah each other ears and giggle, dem did look cute though."
D'Angel has since directed all questions to her husband. She would also not confirm or deny whether she and Beenie are still together. She was also not willing to discuss the last time she saw her husband.

The couple have not been on speaking terms since having a fight at their posh St. Andrew apartment last Wednesday. D’Angel called the cops and Beenie fled to the apartment ex-girlfriend Carlene, talk show host and former dancehall queen, for refuge.

“Take him back? Yuh serious? Beenie Man expect me fi just wait around until him gallivant all over the place with his woman, and then come back to me. Not me,” she said.
“Right now, ah just my music and my baby I am focusing on.” was the response D’Angel gave when ask if she would take Beenie man back once Barbee returns to New York.
D’Angel saw the couple Barbee and Beenie man in person, and at PNP politican Kern Spencer’s birthday party in Braes River, St. Elizabeth
“Why would I lower myself to her level? I cannot let down my fans and people who respect me by doing that. She is a home-wrecker, how can you be so low as to be parading around with someone else’s husband,” she said when ask why she did not confront Barbee, or Beenie Man at the time.
Do you think that Beenie is trying to deliberately hurt you?
“I don’t know, you need to ask him that.” Print Page


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