Jul 20, 2007

Beenie Man enjoys massive success at Reggae Sumfest 2007

The Girls Dem Sugar Beenie Man demolished Sumfest with a mixture of his old hits like Ole Dawg and Dun Know Dem Nu Like Me, mixed with modern era hits like One Man and his smash hit single, Back It Up. He even bigged up Bounty Killer, and apologized for the absence of his wife D'Angel.He called on Barbie a new and upcoming artiste with whom he had a radio hit, First Date to do that song , he went to performed for about 45 minutes, during which he got forwards up on forwards from the crowd. Bounty performed immediately before Beenie Man. Him got some big forwards in the early part with his mega hits like Lodge,Coppershot, among other of his classics.He brought out K Twins, Dada and Bugle who perform his street hit "what I'm gonna do".

Other notable artistes where Mavado he had a new song that he did with a choir, and he flattened the place with his hits like Bad Man Place and Real McKoy. Aidonia armed great songs was weak during his onstage stint. Vybz Kartel gave a good performance but he only did a small piece of Wine Pon You, then a couple of gun songs before calling up the Empire, after which he did Empire Army. Deva Brat did two songs, one about Beenie and Bounty fight over Angel, and another one. I thought the threesome of Beenie man, Bounty killa and D'Angel was done but I guess it still a give some artist a forward.

Vegas never connect, he came with choir and dancer and although the crowd tolerated him through Tek Weh Yuself and Raging Bull, he insisted on returning for an encore to do Do You Know. Even Elephant Man’s antics, bringing on girls like Dyema to perform, failed to move the crowd. Lady Saw was lukewarm, her dressing was never up to date, but she earned applause when she closed her segment with Infertility.

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