Jul 19, 2007

Lady Saw Asks "A Wha Do Dem?" at The Village Café

Marion Hall, much more popularly known as the 'Queen of the Dancehall' Lady Saw, from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, shot scenes for her latest video, A Wha Do Dem?, a take on the 1980s Eek-A-Mouse, hit of the same name. Shot during the regular weekly series Tuesday Nite Live, Lady Saw was called to the stage by the night's headliner, TV and radio presenter/host and singer Empress.
Wearing a little black number strategically cut in the right places, Lady Saw was all smiles as she thanked Empress while taking the stage. She started out teasingly; singing a few bars with the line Not having a child doesn't make me any less of a woman, a response to her detractors.

As she deejayed lines such as A wha do dem/A wha do dem dem dem/Sey dem a money gyal/But hard time a kill dem in the way uniquely hers, her dancers descended the steps between the Village Café's two levels to take their places in front of the stage and. dance. Wearing a variety of costumes - including hats, leg warmers and underwear anything but hidden, they made their moves, prompting Lady Saw more than once to make sure the cameraman was getting everything on tape.
Earlier, despite the ever-present threat - and occasional delivery - of rain and with other celebrities such as Tami Chynn, Wayne Marshall & CéCile present, more filming took place. CéCile and Lady Saw vamping for the camera in front of a group of extras at the bar, the latter repeating a take which saw her miming using a beer bottle as an offensive weapon with all the happening on the night being broadcast over the Internet courtesy of yourradio105.com and reggaeinc.com.
Lady Saw closed her participation in Tuesday Nite Live and her video shoot with thanks to all present and especially the bass player and with an a cappella bonus. She dedicated it to ". people who don't know how to appreciate what God has created", using her excellent, yet rarely heard singing voice to declare I'm so fine/Yeah I'm so fine even though I've never been with a movie star/I don't drive no fancy car to cheers of approval and ended by advising all to "Look at yourself and love what God has created."

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