Jul 8, 2007

Machel Montano accused of stabbing San Fernando resident

Machel Montano is in trouble with the law yet again this time around it’s with fellow artiste Derek Perreira (Mr Slaughter), according to a Daily Express article arrest warrants were being prepared yesterday for both soca stars following a stabbing incident on Carnival Tuesday last year.

The warrants were being prepared by officers of the Woodbrook Police Station and charges of wounding with intent are expected to be laid against Montano and Perreira.

Both singers have been accused of stabbing San Fernando resident Joel White with a bottle on February 28, 2006, outside a nightclub on Cipriani Boulevard.

Montano is currently on $50,000 bail after being charged with a series of offences arising out of an April 26 incident at the Zen nightclub in Port of Spain.

It is alleged that on April 26, 2007 at Keate Street, Port of Spain, Montano along with Kernel Roberts, Joel "Zan" Fezeck and Rodney LeBlanc assaulted Brandis Browne, occasioning actual bodily harm.

The other charge is that Montano along with Le Blanc, Roberts and Fezeck assaulted Russell Pollonais. The other charge against Montano, states that on April 26 he used "obscene language to annoyance of other persons".

Fezeck is currently on $50,000 bail, while Roberts has been granted $25,000 and Le Blanc $30,000 bail.

Their matter is expected to start in August.


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