Jul 14, 2007

RDX Denies any Beef between them and Daddy Frass and Frass Crew

Rumours spread through the Dancehall faternity and on the internet about the altercation between dancehall duo RDX, Daddy Frass and the Frass Crew. RDX is comprised of deejay Renigade (Carlton Williams) and singer Delomar (Andre Bedward). Their hit song ‘DANCE’ (audio below)brought a new energy to the music selectors’ CD pouches and still will be one of the hottest songs for summer 2007, and the video that followed which featured Jamaica’s maddest dancers has peaked at number 1 on the top local video charts.

..:: DANCE::.. featuring: Jigsy

The story stated that, at about 6.30 am on Saturday morning, July 7th, RDX were present at Dutty Fridaze at Fletcher Land Square and the selector played their latest single, in which the dance by Dr Bird is featured. RDX were enjoying themselves dancing alongside dancers such as Kadillac Dancers, Ice, Gana Gana and Collo Collo Squad.

50 Cent, only remaining member of Sick n Head dancers and only remaining Frass Crew dancer then announced again that Dr Bird stole his dance move which eventually resulted in crowd support for Dr Bird.

RDX and their road manager Lester Gayle were then asked by gunmen affiliated with Frass Crew to step into a yard and Daddy Frass alongside his entourage and the dancer 50 Cent proceeded to verbally attack and threaten RDX for supporting Dr Bird.

In a press release Lester Gayle of R&R; Records, management executive for RDX came out boldly and denied been threatened by gunmen. "What really happened was that dancer Sick N Head of Frass Crew has a beef with dancer Doctor Bird formerly of Timeless Dancers. The vibes is that RDX's latest single EVERYBODY DANCE' (audio below) lyrics included Doctor Bird's dance move NEW YORK and not Sick N Head's NO RE ENTRY dance move which is alleged to be the same dance move."


Mr Gayle continued "The Long and Short is RDX is an artiste, they do music, and have always promoted unity amongst dancers. But in regards to this alleged incident, RDX were not threatened, no guns were pulled, the volume was probably turned up nut no violent or offensive remarks were mentioned. It was just a reasoning between man and man in a gully manner. So whosoever it was who wrote that report, need to get their facts straight and be more responsible with what they write and publish. DUTTY FRIDAZE is RDX's second home, so it is virtually impossible for them to get dissed (disrespected) in Fletcher's Land."

Mr Gayle further stated that RDX does no have any beef with Frass Crew or anybody else for that matter, we are all co-workers in music and will not advocate this 'çrab inna barell' mentality which is prominent among some artistes within the industry.

SOURCE:celebrityvibes.blogspot.com, pepperpot.com

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