Jul 26, 2007

SUN a.k.a GEISHA and Wyclef Jean

SUN a.k.a GEISHA and Wyclef Jean announced today the official release of their first single off SUN’s debut North American album, executive produced by Wyclef Jean. SUN, a four time platinum music artist and singing sensation in Asia, has an overall production deal with Wyclef Jean, and “China Wine” is their first collaborative effort.

SUN exploded onto the international music scene just over five years ago. Every album she has released has gone platinum; each one outperforming the previous album. SUN has performed to sold out stadiums in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore and China for as many as 20,000 people a night. She is the recipient of everything from the MTV Asia Award, to the Hong Kong Metro Music Award, to the Yahoo! Singaporean of the Year Award.Her popularity in China has skyrocketed to the point where she was just named the official music ambassador for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

“China Wine” was penned by SUN and Wyclef Jean at Wyclef’s Platinum Sound Recording Studio in New York. It was an immediate hit with both SUN and Wyclef’s creative teams. “China Wine” is the follow-up to the very popular Caribbean urban/reggae single, “Dutty Wine,” which swept through the U.S. and the U.K. last year. Tony Matterhorn, writer and recording artist behind “Durty Wine,” was so impressed with “China Wine” after receiving an early edit from Wyclef Jean that he asked if he could record on “China Wine” as well. Soon after the outrageous talents of reggae artist Elephant Man were added to the single as well. Elephant Man is currently signed with VP Music Group Inc. and is releasing his next record on Puffy’s Bad Boy Records.

SUN, Wyclef Jean, Tony Matterhorn and Elephant Man filmed the music video for “China Wine” in Hollywood at various locations throughout the city. Music video director Wayne Isham helmed this massive project that also included SUN’s second single, “Mr. Bill.” This Jamaican-inspired reggae single, which was also written by Wyclef Jean and SUN, also has the added talent of VP Records recording artist Lady Saw and actor/model Tyson Beckford.

The videos bring together Carribean, Asian, and US musical influences with a sound and a visual style that is fresh and totally original. The two singles were written as a two-part story arc involving SUN’s journey from her mainland China upbringing to her immersion in a Carribean neighborhood in New York where she becomes involved in a dangerous relationship with one of the island’s kingpins, played by Beckford.

Audio – Sun - “China Wine” http://www.sunmusic-us.com/misc_ftp/audio/ChinaWine.wma|Real

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