Jul 20, 2007

Tony Matterhorn performs this Friday at Margaritaville Cayman Island

Tony Matterhorn, will be performing this Friday, 20 July at Margaritaville. This will be Matterhorn’s fourth visit to the Cayman Islands, and if his last ram- packed show says anything about his entertainment ability, then fans will get another dose of this ‘dancehall psychologist’ who also dubs himself as the ‘Man from Mars’. His hit “Dutty Wine”, a provocative, high-energy single, made huge waves for Matterhorn. “It brought me new fans, and a wider variety of people to my shows,” Tony said in his last visit to Cayman.

One of the greatest aspects to dancehall tunes is the dances which are born from each rhythm and single. If there is one dance in particular that became known throughout the world in today’s dancehall circles, it is the “Dutty Wine”, which drives women to gyrate their hips and assets at unbelievable speeds and styles. “I wanted to get females back in dancehall,” Matterhorn admits. His fan base includes a large percentage of women, many of whom are attracted to Matterhorn’s sing-song style of dancehall. Much of dancehall is reputed for sounding hardcore, but Tony’s style introduces a melodic aspect. “Singing brings it off as smooth and sexy,” he explained. “I found the remedy of taking something harsh and turning it into something smooth.” Matterhorn believes that fans are so receptive to his music because “I tell people what they need to know and they come back,” he revealed. “I have a new slogan, ‘talk the things’, which is telling people about problems temporarily so they can come back again!” In his last visit to Cayman, Tony “Mentally Ill” Matterhorn said he completed an album despite being in a musical war with record label companies. “I have seven number one singles back to back,” he promised. It seems that after almost 20 years of his involvement in the music industry, Matterhorn knows when he’s created a song that will blow up the dancehalls. Following “Dutty Wine” is “Goodas Fi Dem”, an infectious single with a sonic balance of melodic, tweaked-out trebles and pockets of thundering bass lines. What makes Matterhorn such a dynamic performer is his growth from selector to entertainer. “It was an easy transition,” he admitted. Tony’s interaction with fans at live shows gives him a more personable feel, and also allows him to read his crowd better. His favourite thing about performing is “pleasing the people. You come out incident free and enjoy yourself,” he said. In between traveling extensively and working on new dub plates in the studio, Tony also tries to fit in as much time with his daughter. “I’m a regular kind of guy,” he concluded.

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