Jul 12, 2007

Vybz Kartel and Aidonia experience success in France

Vybz Kartel returned to the island this week after a six day mini tour through three Caribbean countries which finish up in Paris, France last week.

“It was all sold out, the Paris show was crazy, mi lock it good and proper. It was a huge venue, upstairs and downstairs like a theatre, and about 7,000 fans were there. The people dem know the songs, and dem just a sing along this is the best that I have ever seen Black Ryno and Sean Storm perform, and they were great over the last three shows,” Kartel told reports in a raspy voice.

“Me and Aidonia lock it with songs such as Cellular, Call the Ambulance and I Neva. When Aidonia draw Bookam, the people just a shout ‘bookam’. Then me and Aidonia do the combination, Crab It, me de at one end of the stage, and him at the other, and crazy lyrical play and flow. The people dem no understand it, but dem know ah some bad lyrics we ah spit. The way the venue big, mi feel like a gladiator, a black Spartacus, not Kirk Douglas, and mi represent,” he said, laughing.

The deejay said he attended no less than three after-party soirees in Paris.“VIP treatment, crazy champagne flowing, it’s like they gave me the key to the city, I felt like Paris was mine,” he said.

“The promoter, who is Senegalese, insisted that we stay an additional day so that we could sample some of the French culture, do some sight-seeing and absorb the city of Paris some more. I got royal treatment all the way through, when I got to the hotel, there were people waiting there to take pictures of me and asking me to sign autographs…I felt like Bob Marley,” he said, jokingly. “I would just like to thank the people at the French embassy who gave me the opportunity to experience such a wonderful country. Right now, I am working on a French song…I just feel great.”

Aidonia was also on the show and one876entertainment spoke to him via telephone on Tuesday.

“Proper. It was a sick thing, it is my first time in France but trust me, it won’t be my last time, when mi draw Bookam the whole club ah sing it. Right now, I am trying to build but the Teacha already set fi him ting, me ah the new gunner, so mi want to get my whole ting the real and proper way as well. The treatment was VIP, we joke that VIP means Vybz in Person, now it is Vybz Idonia Personnel,” he joked.


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  1. MAD ting, lol. Altho a long time diss still....