Aug 29, 2007

Dancehall artiste Mental Joins The Alliance

Solid Agency, known for its outstanding work in booking, promotions and production has over the years guided the careers of some of dancehalls most prominent recording artists. Wayne Marshall, Movado, Busy Signal & the five star general himself Bounty Killa have all upheld the agencies reputation, but for 2007 and beyond the world can expect some new faces from the camp. One such face will be that of 26 year old MENTAL who has been quite visible performing at several major events like Fully Loaded & the Appleton Live Concert held at waves Negril. Known for his savvy punch lines and deep bassy voice Mental is one step away from seeping into the local mainstreams of dancehall. He is currently heavy in street credits for a slamming girl’s anthem entitled “DIFFERENT”. Having been with solid agency from 2002 Mental has toured the local circuit extensively and has voiced with several credible production companies.

A recent visit by to Solid Agency brought us face to face with the DJ who was in the company of Busy Signal and Payday Producer Kevin, though not planned we had a few Q&A’s for the Unusual. How did you get the name Mental?

MeNTAL: “Well the name Mental came about from as far as about 1996 when I first started out my musical career. Some of my friends use to see me and say Mental mi love how yuh style yuh flow, yuh different so the name Mental is really of the brain”. How did you get started in the business and when did you get your first big break?

MeNTAL: “Well my first buss was in 2002 when wi link up with Bounty Killa, but as far as in 1998 Kevin from Payday Music, him a the first producer mi deejay for and him sey youth you have talent, big up yourself, gwan do yuh thing, rehearse everyday cause you have talent it will work”. What inspires your lyrics as an artist?

MeNTAL: “Well writing songs to me I wouldn’t say is a very hard thing to do because I’m naturally talented to do music, so writing songs is not a hard thing. You not going to write a song everyday more time is a vibe, you have to under a certain vibe to write a hit song and hit song is what we write”. What producers have you worked with and how often do you hit the studio?

MeNTAL: “Well presently we at Solid Agency yuh done know the studio is their Payday Music & you have Track House Records, so is basically like we hit the studio everyday but is not everyday we record songs still, but I’ve worked for a lot of producers. I’ve worked for producers like Main Source Music, Jam Two, Kevin from Payday Saleem from Track House Records a nuff song we record, Gargamel Music and Miguel from the Hooligan Productions you understand”. With a noted booking & management company like Solid Agency streaming your career when can we expect Mental in the streets?

MeNTAL: “Alright right now, presently we record a song for Payday Music, them have wi career full time now, him a drop some single right now for the Christmas, a song name Angle on the Not Out Rhythm him have a next Rhythm name The Riches mi have a song on it name Different and him have a next new Rhythms too name the Gangsta Beat cause a three the hard way him a go so the Gangsta beat have a collaboration with me and Lando on it. A there so the thing is right now, Christmas Dever we ready for it”. Definitely, now with the world at large what is it you would like to say, let them know about Mental?

MeNTAL: “Right now mi just want the world fi know sey this is Mental, formerly know as Mental it’s now The Unusual, we ready fi tek on the world of music to deal with it proper, yuh done know the whole of Europe, America, Africa, Asia the whole Continent it’s The Unusual and I’m here and I’m ready so just gwan hold a steady meddy”.

DIFFERENT”. DIFFERENT indeed The Unusual will be looking to slice his own piece of the local pie this year and with a great promotion team backing his strides, he is sure to munched is taste of stardom.

“MENTAL” Given Name : Victor Antonio whitely Community : Barbican Credits : DJ / WRITER SLAG / PHRASE : Differ…ent

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